3D printing Service in Cumbria

3D Printing Cumbria

Bow And Blade Games has a wealth of experience in the world of 3D printing, from small scale models to larger prototype parts we’re one of the premier places in Cumbria to deliver your 3D printing requirements.

Whether you have a file that needs printed, or need something designed, we can do it in house in a cost effective and timely manor. 

so if you backed a kickstarter that supplied STL files for a game and you don’t know what to do with them, or you’re at work and been sent a prototype part 3D design you need to see in action, Bow and Blade Games can help. 
We offer a range of 3D Printing services in Cumbria, the North West and across the whole of the UK. 

When it’s Exceptionally detailed parts, down to 0.025mm you’re after, we use our suite of UV Curing resin printers, or when it’s larger parts that don’t require as much detail we use our FDM (filament) printers. 

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Resin 3D printers (Any cubic Photon & Photon S)

Our 3D printers

12k Ultra High res M5s (UV Curing Resin)

M3 Premium 8k (UV Curing Resin)

Creality CR 10 v2 at Bow and Blade Games

CR-10.V2 (FDM)

Recent Projects

Face Shields for Key Workers

Starting in April 2020 Bow and Blade Games has devoted the majority of our printing capacity to the production of PPE equipment in the form of Face shields which have been given out for free in Cumbria to Key workers and NHS staff. 

Face Shield Frames made by Bow and Blade Games in 2020 for NHS & Key Workers in Cumbria
Hero Forge Prints

Hero Forge Printing

Bow and Blade Games offers Printing of Hero Forge STL files for customers in the UK at a substantial discount than buying direct, see our hero forge product category for more details here: Hero Forge 

Desktop 3D Logo Print

Bow and Blade Games were asked to create a 3D printed Logo from a supplied logo file for Trance music label All Things Trance. 

Designed and printed to the customer’s specifications we gave the customer an eye catching centrepiece to any desktop! 

All Things Trance 3D Logo Print

Quality 3D printing in Cumbria

Rapid Prototyping 3D design & Print in Cumbria at fantastic prices